Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy Girl- 8 months

Hannah is now 8 months old! And it's definitely time to clear off bottom shelves, cover outlets, and lock bottom cabinets--she's on the move! She's crawling like crazy and pulling up on everything in sight. This is such a fun age!

I could just EAT those cheeks!!

pouty lips are her new thing

loves being tickled!

loves her "big brother" Bailey...he's not too into her, though!

Okay, the school teacher is coming out in me a little here. I really love it when Hannah "makes" things. We've been to Mad Platter a few times, but then I got this idea and it's a lot cheaper and we can do it at home. All of the materials were pretty cheap and are available at Hobby Lobby.

painted little hands

bare tree

Final result!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

The Friday before Halloween Hannah and some of her friends got to go to Harmon's Tree Farm in Lexington to go on a hayride and see other fun stuff. It was a fun little experience for both of us. I hope to make it an annual tradition :)

Harmon's Tree Farm

I thought these signs were cool :)

Hannah and I after the hayride

measuring her height

Cute picture op! (l-r) Anna-Kate, Hannah, Ella, & Noah

Hannah in the pumpkin bin...she wouldn't look up in any
of the pictures...too intrigued...

Halloween night we took Hannah (aka our little "Hunny Bunny") to
both of her grandparents' houses to "trick or treat" for baby food.

Sweet little bunny

Making an important phone call on her new cell phone

Hannah in her fancy Halloween dress from Aunt Dona

7 months going on 17

Pretty girl!

everything goes in the mouth!

Drama Queen

...and Daddy is almost 31!!