Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's gonna be a...


Yep, that's right! And we could not be more thrilled! We honestly didn't care either way what it was (because after you have had your newborn sent to the NICU, the sex just doesn't seem that important), but here are the reasons that I'm super-excited to have another girl:

*matching outfits
*lots of monogramming
*hairbows in every color
*dance recitals
*2 girls close in age will have similar interests, friends, etc.
*2 shopping buddies
*the girls can be lifelong best friends
*we have everything we need for a girl, so this time around we can just buy all of the fun, cutesy stuff
*I already know Benjy is a great Daddy for a little girl
*I believe God gives you what you can best raise

So, in the spirit of having another little girl--Hannah and I went shopping! Here is what Hannah picked out for her little sister:

And, of course, we had to treat the big sister, too. This is what she picked out:

So much fun and so much to look forward to! We are so blessed.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Have you ever...

seen anything cuter than this?

on Uncle Jonathan & Aunt Ashley's boat

Hannah has had a blast this summer "swimming". I was really pleased to find out that she's not afraid of the water much at all. I'm thinking we might be ready for lessons next summer!
Side note: I just LOVE her pink tutu swimsuit from her Aunt Lynn. I guess this is me living vicariously through her, but I always wish that I had stuck with ballet when I was younger. I can't wait to sign her up for ballet one day! I think it's totally meant to be with those long legs!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Uncle Ry Ry & Aunt 'Nette's Wedding

This summer has been quite a blur of excitement! So many things happening! Here was one of the most exciting--my little sister got married! It was so much fun helping her get ready and celebrating! She was a beautiful bride!
Beautiful bride before the ceremony

adorable flower girl at the rehearsal

Annette & Ryan at the rehearsal
(don't wish he'd SMILE a little bigger?)

The wedding was perfect! I just wish I had more pictures to show, but when you're the Matron of Honor plus you are in charge of the flower girl and one of the groomsmen, you just don't have much free time to take pictures ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ingram, party of four?!?!

Surprise! Funny thing is, it was Benjy who insisted I was late and that I needed to take a test (yes, he keeps up with my cycle). So I had an old test from Target that had come in a 2 pack. So I took it. Got the results. Couldn't find the instructions. Had no idea what the test meant! So, then I ran to Walgreens and got this digital one. Much clearer! Life is full of surprises! But we're looking forward to meeting him/her sometime in February 2011. As for Hannah she has NO clue what's going on! But she's very good with her baby dolls, so maybe that's a good sign :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Work in Progress

I realized that if I was waiting for everything to be just the way I want it, I would probably NEVER blog about our new home! So, I will go ahead and share a few pics with you.

We need not power or splendor, Wide hall or lofty dome;
The good, the true, the tender, These form the wealth of home. -- Sarah J. Hale

...and what home would be complete without these two???

Friday, March 26, 2010


This is my big 1 year old girl.

She's no longer a "baby"...she's a little girl.

But, to me, she'll always be my little baby.
12 things about my 12 month old:
1. She LOVES to give out kisses.
2. She likes to dance...and has rhythm!
3. She will eat almost anything I give her.
4. But when she's full she'll pull the food back out of her mouth!
5. She has been in the 95th percentile or above in height since she was born.
6. Her hair is very curly after it's just washed.
7. Hannah LOVES to be tickled.
8. She has a million bows...but pulls them out if she can.
9. She can point to her nose and your nose.
10. She can sign "please".
11. She prefers to be barefoot.
12. Hannah Elizabeth is the perfect mix of her Mama and Daddy.
She is the light of our world and we can not imagine life without her !

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Here are a few pics from Hannah's 1st birthday party!

Gaga baby-sitting the Loebs twins

Hannah opening her presents

Hannah and her "party planner"


party favors

tables set up before the party

special little cake