Friday, March 26, 2010


This is my big 1 year old girl.

She's no longer a "baby"...she's a little girl.

But, to me, she'll always be my little baby.
12 things about my 12 month old:
1. She LOVES to give out kisses.
2. She likes to dance...and has rhythm!
3. She will eat almost anything I give her.
4. But when she's full she'll pull the food back out of her mouth!
5. She has been in the 95th percentile or above in height since she was born.
6. Her hair is very curly after it's just washed.
7. Hannah LOVES to be tickled.
8. She has a million bows...but pulls them out if she can.
9. She can point to her nose and your nose.
10. She can sign "please".
11. She prefers to be barefoot.
12. Hannah Elizabeth is the perfect mix of her Mama and Daddy.
She is the light of our world and we can not imagine life without her !


  1. Time will fly by! My "baby" turned 4 in December, but you are right...they will always be our BABY no matter their size/age! She's precious!

  2. Hi Em, it's Elizabeth Farmer. Love your blog and the pics. You and Mr. B look exactly the same as back at the wretched girls' school!!

  3. Emilie, I LOVE your list of things about Hannah. That's so clever! She's a beautiful, beautiful little girl. I know what you mean about her always being your baby no matter what her size - Jacob's a tall boy, too, and isn't such a tiny baby anymore, but I snuggle him up like he's 2 weeks old still. :)